Do you have the chocolate craving?

Do you have the chocolate craving?

There’s no denying it, the world is divided! In one corner are those with a salty palate and firmly in the other are those with a sweet tooth. If you prefer chocolate to chips, your craving could be backed by science.


If your blood pressure is low and you feel irritable and shaky, your body needs a quick boost of energy. Because you’re looking for a sugary hit, this could be increasing your desire to eat chocolate. It’s usually down to preference when you pick which chocolate you want to snack on, however it’s recommended that you choose a dark chocolate which may help to stabilise blood sugar levels. This is because cocoa-rich chocolates are low on the glycaemic index.


Eating chocolate is a sensory experience, so the next time you’re about to bite into a slab take a moment to smell it, and then savour it as it melts on your tongue. Do you feel happy? This sense of wellbeing comes from your mind because your serotonin levels have increased. The result is that you feel calmer and your mood has improved. This is also the reason why many people have a chocolate craving when they are emotional or stressed.


Chocoholics take their cravings seriously, and now there might just be proof that it’s a real addiction. Some experts claim that chocolate contains small amounts of alkaloid compounds and anandamine. Alkaloid compounds are responsible for making alcohol addictive, while anandamine is a substance that affects the mind in the same way as marijuana. What does this all mean? According to this group of experts: chocolate can be physiologically addictive.


We don’t just rely on our sense of taste when we eat something, it’s also about how it smells, what it looks like and even what it feels like. Take vanilla essence as an example; it has a hugely appealing smell that just makes you want to spoon it into your mouth, but it tastes horrid and this leaves you feeling disappointed. You want the anticipation of eating something to match up to the reward of eating it. This is another reason why eating chocolate is so pleasurable – it looks smooth, it smells sweet and it tastes delicious.

The team at My Chocolate Box understands that the craving is real, this is why we won’t ever judge you for the amount of chocolate that you eat. And even though science now seemingly justifies our addiction, it was never going to stop us from savouring our favourite chocolate.

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