Top chocolate trends you’ll want to try

Top chocolate trends you’ll want to try

Everyone has their favourite chocolate, but we know you can’t resist trying something new. The world’s most loved flavour is still plain chocolate however, according to market solutions firm FONA International, the biggest global chocolate flavour trends for 2016 are hazelnut, caramel, almond and orange.

Hazelnut is so popular that in the past four years it has nearly doubled in its number of launches internationally, and by February 2016 there were already 110 launches for the year. After the four top trends, coffee lovers will be happy to know that coffee flavoured chocolates are firmly becoming a global favourite. Coffee chocolates have seen a 40% increase in growth, closely followed by caramel and coconut with 30% growth in product launches.

Combining alcohol and chocolate isn’t new, but manufacturers around the world are experimenting with different types of alcohol. The Italians are pairing dark chocolate with Limoncello, the Portuguese have launched a Licor Beirão filled chocolate, and in Japan you can find a white chocolate KitKat that has a subtle flavour of Sake. In America, chocolate and truffles are being matched with merlot, pinot noir and champagne, and over the Atlantic Ocean, two brand-new launches have taken place in the UK, with the global beer brand Guinness.

But flavour isn’t the only popular trend, with many people turning to organic confectionery as it’s seen as a healthier and more acceptable form of indulgence. There has been a huge surge in the market in organic and gluten-free products, along with low/no/reduced allergens. According to the FONA study, seven percent of chocolate confectionery is listed as organic, and there has been a global rise in this category, with a 101% increase in launches. The most popular flavours in the organic chocolate market are sea salt, peanut butter and cinnamon.

Whether you like it plain, with a hint of chilli or an exotic touch of green tea, there really is a chocolate for everyone. At My Chocolate Box we celebrate the world of chocolate, and make sure you’re kept up to date with all the latest trends from around the world.

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