Which country eats the most chocolate?

Which country eats the most chocolate?

People around the world eats millions of kilograms of chocolate every year. But just which nation takes the top spot for having the sweetest tooth?


The Swiss are synonymous with chocolate – so it’s no surprise that they are the world’s leading chocolate eaters. They might have discovered chocolate late, compared to other countries, but they’ve quickly made up for it and they have a global reputation of producing exceptional chocolate. The average Swiss person will eat just over 9kg of chocolate every year.


Following closely behind are the Germans who eat just under 8kg of chocolate annually. This makes them the world’s second largest consumer of chocolate products. Of the Germans who buy chocolate, 45% do so on impulse, 76% buy it as a treat and 60% purchase it to satisfy their cravings.


You might think that Guinness is the most important thing in Ireland, and football in the United Kingdom, but they come in joint third place, with their citizens devouring 7.3kg of chocolate in a year. London is also credited as the birthplace of the chocolate bar in 1847.


The fifth largest chocolate eating country is Norway, where 6.6kg of chocolate are gobbled annually. Even though Norwegians are pretty health conscious, there’s always a spot for something sweet, and this indulgence places them in the top five.

So just where does this place South Africans on the list? We have many loves, from braais to sport, but we do also like a sweet treat and it’s estimated that we eat about 1.3kg of chocolate a year.

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