Sweet apologies

Sweet apologies

We all need to apologise sometimes, be it for bumping your partner’s car, forgetting Valentine’s Day or being late to pick up the in-laws at the airport. Even U2’s Bono had to apologise to his wife for spending her birthday at work. He did so by writing the song, Sweetest Thing.

Everybody makes mistakes, and although there is no right or wrong way to do so, sincerity is always the most important part of an apology. Now, we can’t all write a chart-topping number to earn our partner’s forgiveness, but there are numerous creative ways to do so. We found some ideas which you can use for the next time you need to apologise – you’re only human after all.

  • Say sorry the sweetest way; say it with a heart-meltingly good chocolate.
  • Leave a note asking for forgiveness somewhere where they’d least expect it, such as the bathroom cabinet or the coffee cupboard.
  • Give them a message in a bottle. Write a love note about how special they are (and how sorry you are), and put it in a beautiful bottle. See if they can resist finding forgiveness.
  • Give them a packet full of nuts with a note saying, “Sorry for driving you nuts”.
  • Bake cupcakes or sugar cookies that spell out “I’m sorry” or “please forgive me”.
  • Give them a beautiful chalkboard with “let’s start over” written on it.
  • Sing a “forgive me song” and send it to them as a voice note.
  • Make a “forgive me” mixtape.
  • Have their favourite meal delivered to their office during lunchtime. Add a bit of sugar to the gesture, by writing a beautiful note to accompany the meal.
  • Give them chocolate kisses – it’s a combination of three of the best things in the world: love, kisses and, of course, chocolates.
  • Send them a balloon bouquet, with a note asking them to let the sadness go.
  • Custom-make an “I’m sorry” or a “forgive me” T-shirt to wear around the house.

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Information source: Wikipedia, Fustany

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