Did you know…

Did you know…

We all know chocolate is pure joy covered in deliciousness. Just smelling it can make your heart skip a beat and put all things right in your world, if only for a moment. But other than it being close to magic, what do we know about chocolate?

We felt, seeing as we are chocolate champions, it’s our duty to find out more about chocolate and share it with our fellow chocoholics. Read on for fifteen weird and wonderful chocolate did-you-knows.

  1. The scientific name for chocolate is Theobroma Cacao, which means “food of the gods”.
  2. A cocoa tree can produce about 50 pods twice a year, which means one tree can produce enough cocoa for about 400 dark and 800 milk chocolate bars per year.
  3. Although a cocoa tree can live for over 200 years, they only produce marketable beans for 25 years.
  4. It can take up to five years before a cocoa tree produces its first beans.
  5. The person who invented the chocolate chip cookie traded her recipe to Nestlé for a lifetime supply of chocolate.
  6. In 1941, M&Ms were created as treats for soldiers. The idea was that the hard candy encasements would prevent the chocolate from melting.
  7. An Italian pastry maker invented Nutella in World War 2, by mixing hazelnuts into his chocolate to extend his cocoa supply.
  8. The German Chocolate Cake was named after an American called Sam German.
  9. The largest chocolate bar recorded in the world weighed 5 792kg and measured 4m by 4m by 0.35m!
  10. In 2013, Belgium celebrated their love for chocolate by creating a limited edition of chocolate flavoured stamps.
  11. Eating dark chocolate (a piece not a block) on a daily basis can reduce your risk of having a heart attack. Just remember to check that cocoa is the first ingredient listed, not sugar.
  12. There is an anti-bacterial element in chocolate that protects teeth against decay.
  13. Unfortunately, chocolate can kill you, but only if you eat more than 10kg of chocolate in one sitting.
  14. When you struggle with a cough, eat chocolate – it’s been found to be more effective than codeine.
  15. An Indiana University study found that when cyclists drank chocolate milk after working out, they were less fatigued and scored better in endurance tests than when they drank sports drinks.

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