Perfect winter and chocolate pairings

Perfect winter and chocolate pairings

We might be nearing the end of winter, but at My Chocolate Box, we’re sure she still has a few tricks up her sleeve. So to make sure you’re always ready for a chilly day, we’ve put together some of our favourite cold-busters.

Firstly, you’ll need chocolate. Obviously. Chocolate makes everything better; it’s science*. Luckily, as a My Chocolate Box member, you’ll get a subscription box filled with chocolatey goodness once a month.

  • Rooibos tea and berry truffles 

    A soothing South African favourite paired with a delightful tart chocolate berry truffle. You’ll warm up from the inside out with thoughts of spring and summer.

  • Orange (or naartjie) and 70% dark chocolate 

    Citrus fruit is packed full of Vitamin C to ward off colds and flu, and dark chocolate contains antioxidants. Hence, the two together is practically a flu injection just without the pain.

  • Vanilla ice cream and melted caramel and milk chocolate 

    Just imagine, the cold, smooth crispness of the ice cream smothered in the hot, gooey, sweet deliciousness. Just picture the creamy white and brown swirls being created as you pour on the sauce. The joy alone will heat you up.

  • A fireplace and brownies 

    Need we say more? The crackling fire, the toasty feel on your skin paired with the most heavenly brownies we’ve ever tried. It’s such a magical combination, you’ll forget the cold outside.

  • A glass of whiskey and dark chocolate mousse 

    Not only will this pair heat you up, but you’ll look classy while you consume it, pondering life. Dark chocolate is not as sweet as the other variants and can thus pair beautifully with whisky (both in taste and aesthetics).

  • A blanket and chocolate pudding 

    Snuggle up in your favourite blanket and dish up a bowl of steaming hot pudding. We promise your worries will melt away.

  • Hot chocolate 

    What is better than a divine hot chocolate on a cold day? We’re not talking about the powder you buy, we mean the real stuff, made of real chocolate. It’ll heat you up and wash all your worries away.

Subscribe to My Chocolate Box for only R349 per month, and enjoy supreme chocolates delivered straight to your door, every month; now you’ll always be ready for what the weather brings our way.

*Although studies have found that chocolate can lift your spirits, it has not proven that everything is better with chocolate, although it should be.

This article was created for information purposes only, and should not be used as medical advice.

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