Chocolate for Braai Day

Chocolate for Braai Day

On 24 September South Africa will celebrate Heritage Day. Across the country, we’ll be celebrating our differences and heritage. One way to do so is by enjoying a braai with friends and family, in fact, it’s such a popular way of celebrating that Heritage Day is also referred to as Braai Day.

So, in doing our part for Braai Day, we went looking for the best braai ideas that include chocolate.

The Savoury

1. Cocoa-rubbed Baby Back Ribs

cocoa_rib_rub Chocolate for Braai Day chocolate

Remember those days when you just couldn’t wait to go to Spur or Mike’s Kitchen, and all you wanted was a blue milkshake and a rack of ribs? Those days when you didn’t care if the rib sauce covered your whole face, and your mum joked about you needing a bath?

Well, you are never too old to enjoy ribs, especially if you are to use this spicy cocoa rib rub recipe from Saveur. It’s got depth, it’s got bite, and it’s packed full of flavour! Their recipe says to bake the ribs in the oven only; however, we suggest baking it in the oven (about 190°C) for 40 min and then transferring it to the braai.

2. Mole Negro (Black Mole)

mole_negro Chocolate for Braai Day chocolate

William Willie George Harcourt-Cooze, a British chocolate maker, shared his take on a classic Mexican dish, Mole Negro. It’s a beautiful and slightly spicy chicken dish. Although he makes it on the stove/oven, we believe adding the smokiness of a potjie-fire will add an extra element to this divine dish.

Be warned though, the recipe has a lot of steps, but they are worth the effort. The recipe calls for 100% chocolate to give it a deep and creamy flavour, which will melt all your worries away.

3. Chocolate Sauce

savoury_chocolate_sauce Chocolate for Braai Day chocolate

The king of meats deserves a queen of sauces! Imagine a perfectly braaied steak topped with a thick and powerful sauce? That is exactly what you get when you make this regal Savoury Chocolate Sauce by Dentist Chef. He also suggests pairing the sauce with a coffee-chilli crusted steak, but whatever you decide to use this sauce for, we know you won’t be disappointed.

The Sweet

1. Dessert Braai Pie

dessert_braai_pie Chocolate for Braai Day chocolate

You’ve heard about the braai pie, now we (Gillian Jacobs and Lentino Dirks, Kom Ons Braai) give you the dessert braai pie. It’s super easy and will be remembered for braais to come. You can play around with the filling to find something that suits your tastes, but we suggest milk chocolate and nuts (or white chocolate and berries) served with vanilla ice cream.

2. Banana Split

braaied_banana_spilt Chocolate for Braai Day chocolate

A quick and easy dessert that people will love! Simply take a ripe banana, cut a slit in it – deep enough to split the fruit, but not all the way through, stop it with chocolate pieces (we suggest dark for a little extra splash) and wrap it in foil. Put the parcel on the braai for about 15 min – until the banana is black. Serve with cream or ice cream and add sprinkles if you like. And there you have it – a braaied banana split.

3. Mixed Chocolate Bowl

If you are in the mood for something sweet with the minimum effort, then dig into your My Chocolate Box. All you need to do is choose a beautiful bowl and fill it with some of the chocolates in your box. Break the slabs in pieces and mix the truffles you received. This will make for an exotic and fun treat – every time you dip your hand in, you taste something new and unexpected.

Images were taken from the mentioned recipes.

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