Halloween tricks and treats

Halloween tricks and treats

Halloween is right around the corner, and even if you don’t partake in the day, it’s great fun to see all the creative treats that people come up with. So tap into your creative juices with these easy and fun treats and tricks.

1. Treat: Lollipop ghosts

lollipops Halloween tricks and treats chocolate

You’ll need an assortment of lollipops, tissues, small rubber bands, ribbon and a black marker. Fold the tissues over the lollies and keep in place with the rubber band. Now all you have to do is tie the ribbon over the rubber bands and draw on eyes.

2. Trick: Truffles

brussel_truffles Halloween tricks and treats chocolate

Melt chocolate and dip Brussels sprouts in it. Once the chocolate has set, serve in a beautiful bowl for guests to nibble on. If you want to add an extra layer of evil, mix your sprout truffles with gourmet truffles found in My Chocolate Box.

3. Treat: Spider cookies

spider_cookies Halloween tricks and treats chocolate

Bake your favourite choc chip cookies. As they come out of the oven, take a toothpick and draw lines from the chocolate pieces to create spider legs. Remember, spiders have eight legs.

4. Trick: Candy apples

toffee-apples_ Halloween tricks and treats chocolate

Peel the skin off an onion and sick a wooden skewer in. Boil dark brown sugar and butter together until a toffee mixture forms. Now dip the onions in and set aside on baking paper to harden. Sit back and watch the horror happen.

5. Treat: Eyeball bark

bark Halloween tricks and treats chocolate

You’ll need eyeball candy (if you can’t find any at your local baker’s store, you can make your own with fondant), a selection of other sweets and milk chocolate. Melt the milk chocolate and pour it out on a baking parchment. Decorate it with the candy and let it set. Once it’s set, break it into pieces.

6. Trick: Home-made Oreos

oreos Halloween tricks and treats chocolate

Bake chocolate sugar cookies or if you’re not in the mood to bake, buy a pack of Oreos and scrape off the icing in the middle. Once you have clean cookies, take your white (stripe-free) toothpaste and put a dollop on half the cookies. Close all of them and set them out for everyone (or just your enemies) to enjoy.

7. Treat: Strawberry ghosts

strawberries Halloween tricks and treats chocolate

Melt white chocolate, dip washed strawberries in it and set them aside to harden. If you have eyeball candy, stick them to the strawberries before the chocolate sets. If you’re using a food pen or melted dark chocolate, wait until the white chocolate is set then draw on the faces.

8. Trick: Cupcakes

cupcakes Halloween tricks and treats chocolate

Bake cupcakes, but instead of making icing, swirl mustard over it. Alternatively, you can cut out the centre of the cupcake, fill it with tomato sauce and decorate with beautiful icing. Now serve your wicked cakes.

Let us know which is your favourite or if you have a better plan in mind.

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