Unique Christmas stocking fillings people will love

Unique Christmas stocking fillings people will love

Legend has it that long, long ago, there lived an old man and his three beautiful daughters. Unfortunately, he was extremely poor and could not afford to get them married. Saint Nicholas, who was passing through the town, found out about the poor man and wanted to help, but knew the poor man would not accept charity. So that night when everyone was asleep, he threw three golden balls through the window. The balls landed in the girl’s socks drying by the fireplace.

Today things are a bit different, we’re not filling our stockings with golden balls anymore, but we can still have loads of fun. So with what can you fill the Christmas stockings on your list?


Homemade cookies are always a winner! You can even get the kids together to play sous-chef. Give your cookies a Christmassy flair, pack small batches and there you go. Make gingerbread people, sugar cookies shaped and decorated festively, cookies filled with spices such as Lebkuchen, or cookies in festive colours such as red velvet choc chip cookies.


Toiletries might sound like the gift you give someone you don’t know, but you can add a delightful twist to it. Make beautiful body scrubs or bath salts – they are quick to make and won’t cost you a fortune. Alternatively, you can collect travel-size toiletries, believe us they’ll thank you when they don’t have to squeeze their large shampoo/conditioner/shower gel bottles into their bags for a weekend away.


If people didn’t like stationary, why are shops like Typo doing so well? Wrap different pens and a notebook together or find beautiful colour pencils. If you are putting together a sock for the little ones, bind crayons and a colouring book. If your stockee is starting school or university the next year, fill a pencil case with the needed stationary.


You can make sweet treats such as fudge, marshmallows or chocolate bark (Spread nuts, fruit or crushed cookies on a sheet pan and cover it with melted chocolate. Let it set, break it into pieces and package it). However, if you’re not in a creating mood, you can divide your My Chocolate Box into smaller boxes for the needed stockings. You can find out more about this yummy box by visiting mychocolatebox.co.za.

Future Gifts

Create your own coupons (a foot rub, taking out the garbage or doing the washing up), bind them in a book to give to a loved one. They can then cash in these coupons throughout the next year. You can also buy them a voucher for their favourite shop or a card saying you’ll pay a piece of something they’ve been saving up for, such as a guitar, a movie set or a couch.

Seeds or Plants

You’ll need a small bowl, seeds and a bag of soil – pack it carefully and wrap it. There you have your very own DIY pot plant. If you have less faith in your stockee’s ability to grow the seeds, you can give them a small plant. Just remember to water it as needed before the Christmas gift exchange just to ensure you’re not giving a dead plant to someone special.

DIY Drinks

Get a Madison Jar or a beautiful mug and fill it with all the ingredients you’ll need to make an interesting hot chocolate or a delicious cocktail. Write a how-to tag and there you go – a simple and welcomed gift.

The sky is the limit for the small treats with which to fill the stockings of your loved ones; but ultimately it’s the thought you put into the gift that counts.

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