Make-up date plans

Make-up date plans

We’ve all been there. You’ve forgotten a birthday or special day, said something you really shouldn’t have, or did something bad; now you have to set things right. You have to find a way back into your loved one’s heart and earn their forgiveness.

It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Set a beautiful table, play some mood music and then surprise your partner with a superb homemade meal. Romance has never been this tasty. Best yet these are quick and easy dishes.

Drinks: Blackberry Gin Sling

blackberry-gin-sling-243x300 Make-up date plans chocolate

A beautiful, romantic and absolutely terrific drink to get your dinner started. If you don’t want to get up to make fresh drinks, just make a Blackberry Gin Sling punch.


Starter: Rockefeller Oysters

rockerfeller-oysters-300x225 Make-up date plans chocolate

These divine aphrodisiacs are as delicious as they are easy to make. Best of all, if you’re a little squeamish for raw ones, these Rockefeller oysters are cooked.

Main: Filet Mignon

filet-mignon-300x169 Make-up date plans chocolate

A perfect piece of meat for a perfect person. This fillet mignon takes about 20 minutes to prepare, depending on how you like your steaks.


Side salad: Strawberry and feta salad

strawberry-and-feta-salad-300x200 Make-up date plans chocolate

The most challenging part of this strawberry and feta salad is not to eat all the strawberries while you’re tossing everything together.

Side starch: Roast potatoes

roast-potatoes-202x300 Make-up date plans chocolate

There are few things as magically delicious as a roast potato. Hence, this rosemary and lemon roast potatoes twist will take your meal to an entirely new level.

Dessert: Lime white chocolate mousse

lime-white-chocolate-mousse-225x300 Make-up date plans chocolate

Indulge in a smooth and tart lime white chocolate mousse cup for dessert. Just remember, these yummies need to set, so make them ahead of serving time.


Coffee & Chocolate

1437_cb_blog_images_febcoffee__chocolate_11-300x157 Make-up date plans chocolate

To end a divine meal, you need small cups of strong coffee and truffles from your My Chocolate Box.


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