Autumn And Chocolate Pairings

Autumn And Chocolate Pairings

How amazing is autumn? It’s a sweet spot between summer and winter. The days are getting shorter and colder (some days are plain cold), but that just makes it so much easier to indulge in a delicious, creamy hot chocolate. Although the temperatures are dropping, the world around us is embracing beautiful warm colours.
What better way to celebrate this breathtaking season than with chocolate? So, we thought about the best matches for autumn and chocolate pairs, do you agree?

1. Get Zesty
Lemon, lime, grapefruit, etc. – citrus fruit is a magical chocolate companion. Nibble on a milk chocolate bar with scattered citrus pieces to enjoy the vibrancy of autumn. Citrus is bright, packed full of vitamin C, and a seasonal fruit which makes it a perfect autumn flavour.

2. A Touch of Sunshine
Sticking to the yellow hues, how about a golden shade of gooey caramel. The sweet and thick fillings that ooze out when you bite through a truffle is the ultimate mood enhancer on chilly days.

3. A Red Dance
You see all the stunningly beautiful red leaves decorating the trees, twirling down to the ground when a breeze passes. Enjoy this ballet while nibbling on a liqueur infused cherry smothered in decadent dark chocolate.

4. Bring the Heat
Keep the chill at bay with a special bite of velvety dark chocolate decorated with fiery spices. The chilly chocolate is just what the weatherman ordered. Now just add a good book and a blanket, and you’re set.

5. A Little Crunch
Hmmm, nuts. Cold autumn weekends are ideal to play squirrel and hide away inside snuggled with a delicious milk chocolate slab filled with nut pieces or a box of chocolate-covered nuts.

6. Plain Love
You can also keep things simple, and just indulge in plain milk chocolate while you enjoy a cup of coffee.
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