What kind of chocolate is your mom?

What kind of chocolate is your mom?

Not only is a box filled with a delicious assortment of truffles and chocolates a perfect gift for moms, but it is also a perfect metaphor. Moms, although they are all gooey with love for their children, are all different. So, take this quiz and find out which delicious nibble represents your mom.

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  1. Think back to your teen days when you were moody and broody. What did your mom do?
    1. She spoke to my friends about everyone’s troubles.
    2. She ignored my tantrums and carried on with life.
    3. She gave advice about whatever she thought was wrong. Sometimes she wasn’t off the mark.
    4. She spoke to the other parents, trying to figure out what was going on.
    5. She called for reinforcements, mostly my dad.
  2. How did she punish you when you got in trouble?
    1. Punishment?
    2. I was grounded for a time – no friends and no fun.
    3. She sat me down and discussed life and my choices.
    4. She took away electronics (phone, TV, games) for a while.
    5. I had to do more chores around the house (sometimes other homes too).
  3. What is her signature dish?
    1. Hands down, peppermint crisp tart.
    2. Roasted lamb and potatoes – hmmm.
    3. She makes the best macaroni and cheese!
    4. She can order a mean take out.
    5. Her double chocolate layer cake – there is not an emotion it’s not good for.
  4. How did your mom insist the family spend time together?
    1. We’d all work in the garden together. It was a pain, but we had amazing veggies.
    2. We went on a lot of hikes – she loves nature.
    3. We’d go to the drive-through and eat ice cream cones with an assortment of dips.
    4. She is the best video game player.
    5. Once a month for as long as I can remember, we played board games.
  5. When you had to do a school assignment, your mom would…?
    1. She would do most of the work.
    2. She’d come up with amazing ideas, and together we’d make something awesome.
    3. Let me be to figure it out myself, but she would help me get the supplies I need.
    4. She didn’t interfere, even when she knew I was wrong, but she was willing to guide me when I asked for advice.
    5. She would supervise the project.
  6. When you showed her something, but you were horrible, how did she react when you asked for her opinion?
    1. She told me I was brilliant and she loved my work.
    2. She told me that maybe I was more suited to something else.
    3. She told me she loved me and will support me whatever I do, but that I should get a second opinion as well.
    4. She told me that I’m not great yet, but if I work really hard and stick with it, I could be.
    5. You know, she never said; we went for ice cream.
  7. When you were little, what was your birthday parties like?
    1. She went all out; for weeks beforehand, she’d be busy making treats and décor.
    2. We’d go somewhere – Spur, a farm, anywhere as long as she didn’t have to clean up.
    3. They were fun, but basic – sweets, cake and games.
    4. I received a gift and cake in the morning, and we’d have my favourite meal for dinner.
    5. She’d hire people to entertain us and then everyone went home.

Mostly 1

She’s a strawberry whirl.

strawberry-whirl-300x206 What kind of chocolate is your mom? chocolate

She is the softest person in the world, and she always has space for more people in her heart. She will do whatever she can to support you and help you succeed.

Mostly 2

She’s a praline heart.

praline-heart-300x180 What kind of chocolate is your mom? chocolate

She is incredibly strong. You know that whatever life gives you, she’ll have a shoulder for you to cry on and give you the advice and push you need to carry on.

Mostly 3

She’s a caramel crisp.


caramel-crisp-chocolate-300x200 What kind of chocolate is your mom? chocolate

You have never come across another human that can give a hug as well as she can. She will help where she can, but she’ll let you make your own mistakes.

Mostly 4

She’s a coffee cup.

chocolate-coffee-cup-233x300 What kind of chocolate is your mom? chocolate

She is smart; when she gives advice, people should listen. Even today she’s the person you turn to when you need to ask for help.

Mostly 5

She’s a milk treat.

milk-treat-300x211 What kind of chocolate is your mom? chocolate

She is super organised and knows where everything is. If you need a recipe for a triangle ice cream cake – you know she’ll have it and direct you to the right shops.

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