What kind of chocolate dessert is your dad?

What kind of chocolate dessert is your dad?

Dads are funny people. They are strict yet gooey; they are so not funny, you can’t help but laugh. They always there to help with advice, support or both. And although dads give so much, they rarely asks for anything in return.

So, this Father’s Day, spoil your dad with a chocolatey dessert that suits him as much as those yucky shoes he refuses to throw out because they’re comfy. Not sure what to make? Use this quiz to find his perfect treat or sign him up for a delicious chocolate surprise every month.


Does your dad own tools?

  1. He might, but I’ve never seen him use it.
  2. He’s got everything he needs to get things fixed.
  3. He owns a few screwdrivers.
  4. No. He’ll phone someone.
  5. He’s got a Swizz Army knife, which can do anything.

What is iconic about your dad’s dress style?

  1. Sandals and socks.
  2. He’ll always have a jersey with him in case it gets cold.
  3. He’s always barefoot.
  4. He always wears this beautiful, silver racing watch.
  5. A hat.

What kind of music does he listen to?

  1. Anything you can whistle.
  2. Classical music only.
  3. Only local stuff.
  4. A little of everything.
  5. Proper Rock n Roll.

How did he enforce rules in the house?

  1. We’d have long talks about all the important things in life and about respect.
  2. Oh no! You did not cross him.
  3. We were too scared to disappoint him and see him sad.
  4. He had this look, and you’d step back in line.
  5. There was yelling. Lots of yelling.

What wisdom did he pass on?

  1. Have fun and be happy, but be safe.
  2. Honesty and integrity above all else.
  3. Always be yourself.
  4. Save. Save. Save.
  5. You’ll never fly if you don’t jump.

Mostly 1

Chocolate Pudding

1-chocolate-pudding What kind of chocolate dessert is your dad? chocolate

He is such a softy and filled with love for everyone around him. He knows everyone, from the car guard to the shop owners, and he’s always ready to help others.

Mostly 2

Regular Chocolates

2-regular-chocolates What kind of chocolate dessert is your dad? chocolate

He is a straight-forward, no-nonsense kind of guy. If there’s an easier way to do something he’ll find it. Although he can come across as a bit blunt, he is filled with good intentions.

Mostly 3

Chocolate Trifle


3-chocolate-trifle What kind of chocolate dessert is your dad? chocolate

He is the biggest goofball alive. Always ready for a laugh, and you know if pranks are being pulled, he’s the one behind it. He’s the reason for your mom’s grey hairs and laugh lines.

Mostly 4

Healthy Chocolate Brownies

4-healthy-brownies What kind of chocolate dessert is your dad? chocolate

The man is as together as a solved Rubix’s Cube. He is disciplined and lives a tight schedule where everything is organised to the last minute, which is why he always knows what to do or who to call for help.

Mostly 5

Dessert Braai Pie

5-dessert-braai-pie What kind of chocolate dessert is your dad? chocolate

From going to games or hiking in the bush – he is always ready for an adventure. He knows the star constellations by name and can tell the most incredible stories.

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