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Origami Hearts

Share your love with a love letter

A love letter does something no other form of communication does; it gives you the opportunity to shower your partner with romance. And true romance is something we so rarely experience nowadays. Today things are instant, and there is very little wooing or time put into romancing our partners.

Hence, this year we’re advocating the return of the love letter. But if you’re not sure what to say, we’ve written a few options for you to share with your love.


Letter 1

Letter_1 Origami Hearts chocolate

Letter 2

Letter_2 Origami Hearts chocolate

Letter 3

Letter_3 Origami Hearts chocolate

Letter 4

Letter_4 Origami Hearts chocolate


Go on, surprise your sweetheart with another special something made with love – a My Chocolate Box origami heart.

heart_letter_fold_instructions-1 Origami Hearts chocolate