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Sneak Peek – Chocolate is a healthy choice

We know that you can’t wait until your next delivery arrives and you wish you could time travel, but delicious things take time. To give you something to dream about, here’s a cheeky look at what’s coming your way next month:

The My Chocolate Box: January 2017

It’s always chocolate season.


Rhubee’s Mini Slabs

Rhubee’s unique take on chocolate is that they use maltitol (sugar alcohol) and agave sugar instead of cane sugar or sucrose, making these a divine and healthier choice to settle your chocolate craving.

rhubees_mini_slabs Sneak Peek chocolate

Beyers Dark Chocolate Slab

Enjoy a rich and sophisticated dark chocolate slab handmade in South Africa. It is smooth, decadent and contains 70% cocoa solids, so it’s guilt-free.

beyers_dark_chocolate Sneak Peek chocolate


Geldhof Assorted Box

A reward for all your healthy work. Indulge in this exquisite chocolate box hand-packed with the best chocolate pieces filled with delicious surprises.

geldhof_assorted_box Sneak Peek chocolate