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Sneak Peek – Embrace the super!

We know that you can’t wait until your next delivery arrives and you wish you could time travel, but delicious things take time. To give you something to dream about, here’s a cheeky look at what’s coming your way next month:

The My Chocolate Box: July 2018


The Chocolatiers hazelnut slab

Hazelnuts are crunchy little heroes: they are good for your heart, reduce the risk of cancer, and can aid your muscle, skin, bone, joint and digestive health. Paired with decadent and organic Belgian milk chocolate, how can you say no?

chocolatiers-hazelnut-slab Sneak Peek chocolate

NOVA Mr Mint slab

Mint is a nifty hero. Dried, fresh, brewed or cooked – mint can relief allergies, colds and flus, pain, and improve your digestive and oral health. NOVA took these little heroes and added sugar-free gourmet dark chocolate to make their Mr Mint slabs.

nova-mr-mint-slab Sneak Peek chocolate


Lindt Exclusive Truffles

Even superheroes need super treats, and we recommend these Lindt truffles. They are not even on the market yet. So, after a day of spreading goodwill, treat yourself to a divine mango cream ball.

lindt-exclusive-truffles-1 Sneak Peek chocolate