Easter celebrations – with a difference

Easter celebrations – with a difference

Are your childhood Easter memories of you running around with a basket in one hand, looking for chocolate eggs in the garden? Here are 10 unique ways that Easter is celebrated around the world.

  1. GREECEIn Corfu, crowds gather to watch a pot throwing tradition, where pots, pans and earthenware are thrown out of windows and balconies in the main plaza, so that they smash on the street below.
  2. UNITED STATES OF AMERICAIn Washington D.C. the president hosts the annual Easter Egg Roll – a tradition dating back to 1878. Young children use a big serving spoon to roll a coloured, hard-boiled egg on the White House lawn.
  3. SWEDENYoung children dress up as witches, wearing colourful skirts and headscarves, and have their cheeks painted red. Similar to Halloween, they knock on doors in their neighbourhood looking for treats.
  4. FRANCEIn the town of Haux, chefs head to the main square to make a giant omelette that’s big enough to feed the town. The omelette is made from about 4 500 eggs and is nearly three metres wide.
  5. BERMUDAOn Good Friday, the tradition is to fly homemade kites, crafted from brightly-coloured tissue paper. The kite flying occurs the whole day and is only interrupted to eat codfish cakes and hot cross buns.
  6. POLANDŚmigus-dyngus (“Wet Monday”) is an Easter Monday tradition where boys drench girls with buckets of water or squirt guns. According to the legend, girls who get soaked will be married in a year.
  7. SPAINIn Verges, the traditional “La Dansa de la mort” is performed where residents get dressed up in skeleton costumes and robes to parade through the streets, re-enacting scenes from The Passion.
  8. BULGARIAThere’s an official egg fight known as egg tapping, where you knock your hardboiled, painted egg on another person’s egg, without breaking your own. The last person with an uncracked egg wins.
  9. NORWAYDuring Easter, reading crime and mystery novels is a huge tradition in Norway. It has become so popular that publishers have “Easter Thrillers”, which are known as Paaskekrimmen.
  10. HUNGARYLocsolás” is a tradition that happens on Easter Monday, where young boys and men recite poems to young girls before sprinkling them with water, rose water, perfume or cologne.

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