Chocolatey Easter fun with the kids

Chocolatey Easter fun with the kids

Easter is such a beautiful time of the year – holidays, families and friends get together, and obviously the chocolate. Bunnies, hens, eggs and even cows, some hollow, some filled with surprises and some made of marshmallow.

And in the spirit of having all the family together, we thought we’d share Easter ideas on how to keep the kids busy the chocolate way.

Easter egg hunt

This will require you to get up before you kids (sorry for the late sleepers) and hide chocolate eggs in the house or the garden. If you have dogs, keep in mind that chocolate is bad for them so be mindful of where you hide the eggs. Now, wake the kids up and have fun watching them search.

Easter puzzle

Print out an Easter picture (a different one for each child) cut it up and hide the pieces. Let the kids search for the pieces and then build the puzzle. Once they’ve finished their puzzle, they can get a chocolate prize.

Make the game even more interesting by writing clues on the back of each puzzle piece about where the next one is hidden.

Secret Easter bunny

Help your kids pack a chocolate goody basket for someone special or a child that’s less fortunate. My Chocolate Box is the gift that keeps on giving and will be packed full of delicious Easter goodies, making it easy for you to put a goody basket together.

Egg and spoon race

Boil eggs and let the kids race to a finish line while balancing a boiled egg on a spoon. Hold a couple of races (this will get them moving and burn energy) and give the ultimate winner a chocolate bunny and all the other participants a chocolate egg.

Something for the adults

Boil milk, brown sugar and cinnamon together until the sugar dissolves, then cool it off. Once it’s cold, add Kahlua to the mixture. Now cut off a bit of the ears of a hollow chocolate bunny, pour in the milk mixture, add a straw and enjoy a delicious Cinnabunny.

Turn to My Chocolate Box and have all your delicious treats delivered straight to your door so you can enjoy a fuss-free Easter.

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